MSc Management and Entrepreneurship

MSc Management and Entrepreneurship

MSc Management and Entrepreneurship With Cranfield University


1 year / 2 years

Study type

Full-Time / Part-Time

Credit hours



Taught modules 60%, individual project 40%


Tuition Fees : OMR 8,200

Programme Details

The MSc in Management and Entrepreneurship adds value to applicants’ first degrees by providing individuals with integrated and critical awareness of management and organisations, subsequently developing a specialised focus in entrepreneurship, and assisting them in pursing an entrepreneurial career. This degree programme is one of a set of postgraduate programmes designed by Cranfield University and offered at Muscat University. This is a dual degree programme, leading to the award of a Cranfield University degree and a Muscat University degree

Programme Objectives

The MSc in Management and Entrepreneurship aims to:

  • Provide students with a comprehensive and advanced understanding of the impact of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial processes at multi- levels.
  • Create opportunities for students to develop critical perspectives on theories and to review and evaluate the appropriateness that underpin the constituent entrepreneurship and management subjects.
  • Develop students’ capabilities to critically analyse the current issues in the field of management and entrepreneurship.
  • Enhance students’ lifelong learning through the development of management and entrepreneurship knowledge.

Admission Requirements

  • An English-medium undergraduate degree from a recognized university at second class honors level or above (or equivalent).
  • Relevant work experience in combination with a degree below second class honors.
  • A minimum English language proficiency level equivalent to IELTS 6.5. (with a minimum of 6.5 in the writing component)
Students will be required to take all twelve core modules (120 credits).
Students will also be required to submit a thesis (80 credits). (200 credits in total)
Core Modules
Module Number Module Title
1 Marketing Strategy
2 Managing People & Organisations
3 Managing Profitability, Liquidity & Asset Utilisation
4 Managing Operations
5 Entrepreneurship
6 Family Business Management
7 Strategic Management
8 Disruptive Innovation
9 Managing Business Growth
10 Entrepreneurial Finance
11 Corporate Entrepreneurship
12 Social Entreprise & Intrapreneurism
13 Research Methods & Statistics
14 Thesis

Msc Management and Entrepreneurship
Academic Calendar 2018 - 2019

Orientation Day : Sunday, 16th September (compulsory for all students)
Week MSc MENT module* Full Time Students Part Time Year 1 Part Time Year 2
23 - Sep Orientation      
08 - 11 Oct Induction + Entrepreneurship      
14 - 18 Oct Disruptive Innovation      
28 Oct - 01 Nov Marketing Strategy      
04 Nov - 08 Nov Managing Business Growth      
25 - 29 Nov Strategic Operations Leadership      
9 - 13 Dec Exam Week (1 exam) 1 Exam   1 Exam
13 -17 Jan Accounting and Finance      
20 - 24 Jan Entrepreneurial Finance      
03 - 07 Feb Family Business Management      
10 - 14 Feb Organisational Behaviour: Application      
24 - 28 Feb Corproate Entrepreneurship      
03 - 07 Mar Social Entrepreneurship      
10 - 14 Mar Exam Week (2 exams) 2 Exams 2 Exams  
14 - 18 Apr Research Methods      
21 - 25 Apr Strategic Management      
12 - 13 May Exam Week (1 exam) 1 Exam 1 Exam  
10 - 14 Jun Resit Exam Week      
1 - 5 Sep Thesis Defence      
*Module dates may be subject to change, attendance is compulsory. Exam dates will be determined at a later date.

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